Universitas Islam Malang Conference, ICoSTES 2018

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Soursop Leaves (Annona muricata Linn.) as anti inflamation by Insilico Study
Dini Sri Damayanti, Rizki Firdaus, Safira Hanum

##manager.scheduler.building##: Ali Bin Abi Tholib 6th Floor
##manager.scheduler.room##: Room H6.01
Date: 2018-09-11 12:30 PM – 03:30 PM
Last modified: 2018-09-03


Essential oils and ethanol extract of soursop leaves are known to have an anti-inflammatory effect, but it is unclear how they work. This study aims to analyze the potential of essential oils and ethanol extract of soursop leaves as antiinflammatory by inhibition of COX-1 (Cyclooxygenase-1) and COX-2 (Cyclooxygenase-2) enzime through In silico study. Molecular docking between the active ingredients of essential oils and ethanol extract of soursop leaf (Annona muricata Linn) against the target protein COX-1and COX-2 enzyme was done computationally. Indicators measured free bond energy (ΔG), and hydrogen bond on the amino acid residues.  Potential inhibition is indicated by low free bonding energy and presence of hydrogen bonds in the same amino acid compared to control. The controls used are indomethacin. β-caryopyllen, Transcaryopyllen, and Linalool are  predicted to have a weak potential inhibiting COX-1 protein enzime as same as control. Linolool is predicted to have ability in inhibiting COX-2 enzyme almost the same as control. Rutin, nicotiflorin and quarsetin have a weakly potency inhibit COX-1 protein enzime. Annonaine has the ability to inhibit COX-2  protein enzyme close to control. The conclusions of research are essential oils and ethanolic extracts of soursop leaves have weaker ability to inhibit COX-1 but have capability proportional to control to inhbit COX-2.