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Basic Sciences

Numerical taxonomy of Hoya section Hoya (Apocynaceae) from the Philippines
Jay Taborada Torrefiel, Inocencio Buot

Applied Sciences

Effect of Sound Wave Frequency on Absorption Efficiency Leaf Fertilizer and Soybean Production on Drought Stress
Istirochah Pujiwati, Bambang Guritno, Nurul Aini, Setyawan P. Sakti
Setting Localized Conservation Priorities of the Useful Plant Species of the Alangan Mangyan of Mt. Ilong, Halcon Range, Mindoro Island, Philippines
Elaine Loreen Casapao Villanueva, Inocencio Jr. Escoton Buot
Mangrove assessment in Manamoc Island for coastal retreat mitigation
Mylene Rodriguez Martinez, Inocencio Jr. Escoton Buot

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