Universitas Islam Malang Conference, Economics, Business, Entrepreneurship & Social Sciences International Conference 2022

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Will Risk Tolerance and Motivation Affect The Entrepreneurial Intention of Generation Z?
Noormalita Primandaru

Last modified: 2023-12-14


Purpose: This study aims to examine the effect of risk tolerance and motivation on interest in entrepreneurship in Generation Z in the new normal era. Methods: This study uses multiple regression analysis with primary data obtained from questionnaires distributed online using the Google form. The research sample was taken using a purposive sampling technique with the criteria of men and women aged 17-30 years. Data analysis: The type of research applied in this research is explanatory research by testing the hypotheses that have been formulated. Data was collected by a survey. The sampling technique used in this study is purposive sampling. The hypotheses were tested by multiple regression analysis using IBM SPSS version 22. Result and discussion: The results show that risk tolerance and motivation have a positive and significant effect on interest in entrepreneurship in the next generation. Conclusion: This research contributes to the entrepreneurship literature in explaining the factors that contribute to interest in entrepreneurship in the current new normal era. Practically, the results of this research are directed to provide input to the world of higher education in Indonesia in creating an educational atmosphere that can support students to take risks and become entrepreneurs.

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