Universitas Islam Malang Conference, Economics, Business, Entrepreneurship & Social Sciences International Conference 2022

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Almira Aniisa Nur Kartika, Agusnia Agusnia Rachmaningtyas, Cevin Jeremia Diwanto, Citra Puspita Wardhani

Last modified: 2023-12-18


Dapur Kota (Bakmi Ria) is a producing food and beverages business in Malang City.

Given that future conditions are filled with uncertainty, certain considerations are needed in starting a business, where the basic of these considerations can be obtained through a study of various aspects regarding the feasibility of a business to be run so that the results of the study are used to decide whether the project or business should be feasible or postponed or even canceled Last September 2022 with data collection techniques in the form of observation, interviews, and documentation. This study aims to determine the business feasibility of the Dapur Kota (Bakmi Ria), and to determine the feasibility of several aspects. Business feasibility analysis researched and observed environmental, marketing, law, human resource management, technical and technological, and financial aspects. This is done to find out whether the Dapur Kota (Bakmi Ria) business is feasible or not to run. The results showed that the Dapur Kota (Bakmi Ria) viewed from the environmental aspect, this business was declared feasible, because of its strategic location of the business and because easily accessible by consumers, and the production process was easy. Appropriate marketing aspects, with high- quality products, because of imported raw materials, affordable prices, so that all people can buy them, the distribution is quite wide, and the promotions that the owner provides are enough to make consumers aware of the products they sell. And the results of the analysis from the legal aspect show that this business already has adequate permits so it can be said that it is feasible to run.


Keywords : Business Feasibility Study; Environmental Aspects; Marketing Aspect; Legal Aspects; Human Resource Management Aspects; Technical and Technological Aspects; Financial Aspect.

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