Universitas Islam Malang Conference, Economics, Business, Entrepreneurship & Social Sciences International Conference 2022

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Business Feasibility Analysis and Optimization of Malang Original Coffee Bean Production as an Effort to Develop the SDGs Economy
Ahmad Rizky Dwi Aprianto, Akmal Alfin Nugroho, Faizal Faizal Haqiqi, Sima Putri Ningrum

Last modified: 2023-12-18


This study aims to determine the feasibility of the local coffee bean business native to Malang in an effort to develop the economy of SDGs. Koopen Coffee Shop is a business selling local coffee beans originally from Malang which directly supplies from coffee farmers in Malang, such as the Dampit, Ampelgading, Taji, and others. The existence of a local coffee bean business native to Malang helps economic development in Indonesia, especially in the development of SDGs. Coffee business is currently much loved by various groups, this is a great opportunity for coffee bean sales. This increase is a good thing for business continuity and has an impact on increasing income which is for the achievement of economic development. The research method used is a mixed research method. The data used in this study is in the form of secondary data and primary data. The data collection process is carried out qualitatively by means of observation, surveys, literature research, and interviews of business actors. Followed by financial data analysis through payback period and value switching analysis is carried out. Based on the results of the analysis of a business, it is said that it is good, the production condition of this coffee bean is  in  the  optimum state at  the  moment (NPV>I0). However, there is  still  a  need  for improvement in online marketing and this business still does not have a business entity.


Keywords: business feasibility; local coffee business; economic development; SDGs

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