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Determinan Minat UMKM di Bangkalan untuk Melakukan Sertifikasi Halal dengan Pendekatan Regresi Logistik
Clarisa Eriyanto Putri, Elfira Maya Adiba, Faizal Faizal Amir

Last modified: 2023-12-18


Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises play an important role in the development and growth of the economy in a region. As the demand for halal products increases, producers have an important role to play in providing halal products before they are consumed. Producers need to know the advantages of having halal certification, namely that it can open up opportunities for UMKMs to be more successful in increasing income, and with the halal logo on the packaging can increase consumer interest in buying because consumers feel safer, maintain cleanliness, and are healthy. This research was conducted in Bangkalan, where the majority of the population adheres to Islam. This study aims to determine whether the variables religiosity, knowledge and regulation of halal certification can predict the interest of UMKMs to carry out halal certification. This study uses logistic regression data analysis techniques through the variables of religiosity, knowledge and regulation of halal certification. Data collection techniques using questionnaires and direct interviews with respondents. Existing research has focused more on the influence of halal certification regulations on consumer interest to carry out halal certification. Research that focuses on the level of regulation of halal certification is still not widely found, so it will be interesting to do research to predict the interest of UMKMs in carrying out halal certification

Keywords: Religiosity, Knowledge, Halal Certification Regulations, UMKM

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