Universitas Islam Malang Conference, Proceedings of The 1st ICOMSH Volume 1, 2021

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Inventory of Nocturnal Insects in the Eka Karya Bedugul Botanical Garden Area, Bali
Faisal Tajudin Hasan, Hasan Zayadi

Last modified: 2022-02-12


Indonesia is a country that has diverse biodiversity, including the diversity of insect species. Geographically, the biodiversity in the Indonesian archipelago is very diverse where Indonesia is an area that is conducive to the development of animals including insects. Bedugul is an area that has two types of ecosystems, namely natural ecosystems (primary and secondary natural forests) and man-made ecosystems (results of replanting activities, agricultural land, and settlements). Eka Karya Botanical Gardens or commonly known as Bedugul Botanical Gardens is a conservation institution located in Candikuning Village, Baturiti District with an area of ​​​​about 157.5 hectares. The purpose of this Field Work Practice is to find out what nocturnal insects are in the area and what nocturnal insects dominate in the Eka Karya Bedugul Botanical Gardens area, Bali. This nocturnal insect inventory uses direct exploration methods and uses light traps. There were 6 orders, namely the order Coleoptera, Diptera, Hemiptera, Homoptera, Hymenoptera, Lepidoptera, and 11 families, namely the Coccinellidae, Lucanidae, Sarcophagidae, Culicidae, Pyrrhocoridae, Reduviidae, Cicadidae, Formicidae, Satyridae, Pieridae, Noctuidae and families that dominate the area. It is the Culicidae family.

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