Universitas Islam Malang Conference, International Conference on Islam and Global Civilization

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Bagus Cahyanto, Mar’atul Hasanatin, Kusfa Hariani Putri, Titik Nur Latifah

Last modified: 2021-07-10


The Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on many things, especially in the field of education. Learning that was originally carried out offline (face-to-face) in the presence of the Covid-19 pandemic has switched to online learning (online). In practice, online learning (online) still encounters various problems. To reveal the problems that arise in online learning, it is necessary to have research that aims to explore what problems are experienced by educational units. This study explores the problems of online learning (online) experienced by educational units, especially in the elementary school environment, namely SD Negeri 295 Gresik which includes aspects of students, teachers, and solutions that schools have made to overcome existing problems. The results showed that the problems experienced from the student's side included infrastructure that often experienced disruption such as unstable internet networks due to internet quota, insufficient mastery of information technology, boredom during online learning, and difficulty understanding the material in learning. While the problems that arise from the teacher's side are the lack of mastery of the teacher in making online learning content, the network has difficulty communicating with students online, the difficulty of monitoring student learning activities at home. From the various problems that arise, the school has taken several strategic steps such as providing assistance to teachers for the development of online learning (online), facilitating internet networks, and communicating with parents regularly.

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