Universitas Islam Malang Conference, The 1st ICoSTES 2018

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Checklist of Hoya Species in Bicol Peninsula, Luzon Island, Philippines
Mabel Gaviola Vallena, Inocencio E Buot

##manager.scheduler.building##: Ali Bin Abi Tholib 6th Floor
##manager.scheduler.room##: Room H6.01
Date: 2018-09-11 12:30 PM – 03:30 PM
Last modified: 2018-09-03


This study provides a checklist of hoyas in Bicol Peninsula, a unique biogeographic area in the southernmost tip of Luzon Island, Philippines characterized by active volcanism. After extensively reviewing articles on Hoya, it was found that there are 27 native species found in the provinces of Sorsogon, Camarines Sur, Camarines Norte and Albay. Nineteen (19) are endemic and only 8 are indigenous species. Four of the endemic species are listed as endangered in DAO 2017-01. However, human and natural disturbances threaten the habitats of Hoyas in Bicol. It is vital that biodiversity conservation strategies be implemented effectively particularly those in key biodiversity areas (KBAs) where Hoyas were found.