Universitas Islam Malang Conference, The First International Conference On Teacher Training and Education 2018

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Innovative Blended Learning through Edmodo: Potentials and Challenges
Novia Surya Marhayuningtiyas

Last modified: 2018-04-16


The study was conducted as in the field of the 21st Century English language education, any educational networks as EFL teaching – learning tool have to be applied to create innovative blended-learning.  It has to meet the needs of EFL teachers and learners it is aimed at as well. This paper aims to examine the implementation of educational networking site – Edmodo in EFL teaching and learning, potential and challenges in using Edmodo on English reading subject, and also teacher and students’ perceptions toward Edmodo implementation. The study was conducted at a public junior high school in Surakarta. One EFL teacher and ten students were taken as participants since Edmodo is used for teaching – learning tool on English reading subject. The general design of this study was qualitative descriptive design as an observation, interview, and documentation were implemented for data collection. The results show that the teacher and students’ perceptions toward the use of Edmodo on English reading subject are mostly perceived positively as it has potential factors regarding to the improvement of the teacher and students’ quality in EFL skills and also knowledge. The study concluded with recommendations for future research.