Universitas Islam Malang Conference, The First International Conference On Teacher Training and Education 2018

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Women Marginalization from being Sales Promotion Girl (SPG) in Indah Hanacos the Curse of beauty (a Study of Student Character Building through Literary Studies)
Fiqih Aisyatul Farokhah, Sri Kusumo Habsari, Mugijatna Mugijatna

Last modified: 2018-04-16


Abstract: Education is a media to build mental and moral. The committee on education teaches the moral values. Nevertheless, the education which is identical with the naming of values and morals is not synchronous to the reality in problematic life. Even, the long education has been passed, people still fell over to the black valley. Money, family, and social environment have the role important in individual deviation. One of them is women who work as Sales Promotion Girl (SPG). They are taken into the prostitution. This reality is represented in Indah Hanacos novel “The Curse of Beauty”. Thus, this paper reveals the representation of women sexuality in her novel. It explains their underdevelopment education and sexual oppression. Therefore, there are some research problems to be discussed. First, what are the forms of women marginalization through being SPG in The Curse of Beauty novel?. Then, how does the education affect the SPGs life in The Curse of Beauty novel?. Next, how does the SPGs true story life in The Curse of Beauty novel affect for building the student character?. This paper aims to open up the delicate of SPGs true story to educate and build the student character through literary studies.

Keywords: Women Marginalization, Sales Promotion Girl, The Curse of Beauty, Building the Student Character