Universitas Islam Malang Conference, The First International Conference On Teacher Training and Education 2018

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The Development Of Textbooks Based On Active Learning Strategy Type Bowling Campus To Increase Learning Result Of Cognitive Students Class V
Moh Fadli, Muslimin Ibrahim , Wahono Widodo

Last modified: 2018-04-18


Abstract: This article aims to describe the development of textbooks based on campus bowling-typeactive learning strategies and to provide additional differences in the use of textbooks forteachers and students. The process of learning in the classroom using conventional materialscauses students less active in the learning process. Primary school age children are in theprocess of developing to be active in learning and students need to be given different stimulias learning takes place. This development research used 4 D (Four D Model) research methodwith class design using test (pretest-posttest one group design ). The product produced in thisresearch is a textbook based on learning strategy active campus bowling type for elementaryschool students through validation by experts so as to meet eligibility when used. Observationof activities conducted to assess the practicality of learning products. The result of statisticaltest of students cognitive learning result showed by using this product increasedsignificantly. Improvement due to textbookused in accordance with childdevelopment. Textbooks based on campus bowling type active learning strategies canimprove students cognitive learning outcomes.

Keywords: textbooks, learning outcomes, cognitive students